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Default Re: The Real Reason Why Pacquiao Get's Hated on.

Originally Posted by Suga View Post
I was a Manny Pacquiao fan before he moved up to lightweight and welterweight. I dislike him today for not taking any drugtest even if Floyd asked him to it, if he had nothing to hide he would say I will take any test in the world. I lost my respect for him and Im predicting that in the future someone like Alex Ariza will admit to Pacquiao taking drugs
And what about the thousands of other fighters that do not take Fraud's TEST. It isn't even official OSDT which is year round.
You lost respect for Pacquiao when he NEVER refused the test just the deadline, after he had suffered from blood taking the day before the Morrales fight. And before you say anything about it does or can not affect you go and do some research.
JMM was never made to do RBT against Fraud, probably because he made JMM climb 2 divisions and cheat him on the scale.
It would not suprise me if Fraud Willnever is found to of been taking PEDs either he allready cheats so why not with PEDs
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