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Default Re: The Real Reason Why Pacquiao Get's Hated on.

Originally Posted by Keitaro2187 View Post
here is why manny gets hated on...
a. his over the top fans.
b. his fans claim to be fans of the sport but no know nothing of any other fighter but him.
c. they try to make him seem like a God
d. manny pacquaio is a hypocrite, while he had this good boy image he was out cheating on his wife, gambling and drinking.
e. pac****s are the biggest hypocrites in the world, other boxing fans ask for extra testing they scream "no only what the commission ask for" but as soon as he loses "they want extra testing"
f. there english is on that of a 3rd grade level
g. he fights at catchweights and refuses to go to other peoples weight, but some how that makes him just as good as fighters who fight champions at there real weight
basically thats why people hate manny pacquiao
1. He is not treated as God, he's a hero here in Philippines dumbass!
2. What's wrong with his english? he is no american, he is no Englishman either. why would he want to be perfect in english language? well, he is better than Marquez & Arce's english.

haters hate him because they ENVY him.
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