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Default Re: Mayweather vs Guerrero: Deal is Close to being Done

Originally Posted by Primadonna Kool View Post
I know that Guerrero is better man, i just wanted people to response stating why, to kind of drum my point home. I have watch Rios fight before, and switched off the fight after afew rounds.

I watched his fight against April who is a ok fighter technically..? but is a weak individual.

I have seen nobody criticise Manny Pac for facing Brandon Rios, i am not saying they should..? But its just interesting.

Floyd Mayweather is in a lose/lose situation, no matter who he fights.

Guerrero would probably beat Pacman, joining the list of multiple fighters who i think would beat him down these days.

If Floyd Mayweather fought Bradley he would also be criticised.

Why hasn't nobody called for Manny Pac to fight Alvarez or Martinez..?
What makes you so sure Manny is fighting Rios, my man? Damn it, PK. Do you know something i don't and are hanging out on me? lol

I don't really know if Pacquiao will fight again, if he does i think it'll be another Marquez fight.

IMHO. Nobody should be calling for either Floyd or Manny to fight Martinez or even to a lesser extent Alvarez. How could anybody demand that, especially a Martinez fight.

People stopped calling for it a while ago, but there WAS a time when people suggested Manny fight Martinez, i don't think many people are calling for either to fight Martinez now though. People have realised it's just not that viable.

The reason Floyd is in a lose/lose situation is partly to do with himself and his past actions. He failed to make the biggest win/win fight in his career, he's also such a brillient fighter that people just wanna see him in some competitive fights. Like i said i don't think we can criticise him if he fights Guerrero, because there's not much out there and Guerrero will come to rumble.
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