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Default Re: Mayweather vs Guerrero: Deal is Close to being Done

Originally Posted by slip&counter View Post
What makes you so sure Manny is fighting Rios, my man? Damn it, PK. Do you know something i don't and are hanging out on me? lol

I don't really know if Pacquiao will fight again, if he does i think it'll be another Marquez fight.

IMHO. Nobody should be calling for either Floyd or Manny to fight Martinez or even to a lesser extent Alvarez. How could anybody demand that, especially a Martinez fight.

People stopped calling for it a while ago, but there WAS a time when people suggested Manny fight Martinez, i don't think many people are calling for either to fight Martinez now though. People have realised it's just not that viable.

The reason Floyd is in a lose/lose situation is partly to do with himself and his past actions. He failed to make the biggest win/win fight in his career, he's also such a brillient fighter that people just wanna see him in some competitive fights. Like i said i don't think we can criticise him if he fights Guerrero, because there's not much out there and Guerrero will come to rumble.
Read a article that Manny Pac ill be fighting Brandon Rios on May 4th.
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