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Default Re: Mayweather vs Guerrero: Deal is Close to being Done

Originally Posted by slip&counter View Post
I've gotta respectfully disagree with you on that one, Dave. I donít believe you can duck a man thatís not in your division, i know Floyd's fought at 154, but against career welterweights and he's clearly not the same up there. it's not his divison. Saying Floyd is 'ducking' Martinez is like saying Marvin Hagler ducked Michael Spinks. Martinez is a damn middlweight who walks around at close to 180lbs. I don't think he could ever make light middlweight again without seriously hindering himself. I don't think he's been able to make it for a couple of years, because of the muscle mass he's put on since the Pavlik fight.

It'd be cool of Floyd fought Alvarez, but i don't think we could classify that as a duck either, if he didn't fight him.
Dont agree that Martinez walks around anything close to 180.

Regardless of Martinez, Mayweather has twice foguth at 154 and in his last fight looked much bigger and more comfortable at the weight than we have ever seen.

He has fought at 147 for a whopping 7 years now and at this stage the refusal to step up for the big tests smacks of his usual avoidance tactics.
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