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Default Re: First fight, first loss!

Well, i'd say you definitely did not hold back. You seem pretty strong and i'd hate to be on the other end of a street fight with you. But simply put, your opponent fought smarter.
My advice - keep your hands up. I don't need to tell you that, cuz i'm sure your coach grilled you already about it. It almost looked like you had 0 defence. You can surely benefit from a peekaboo guard. It's one of the easiest defensive guards you can use, until you get more advanced.
Secondly, you seemed to have 0 gameplan. No discernable strategy being employed, except throw a basic 1-2-1-2-1-2 whenever you had him cornered.
I'm sure you're kicking yourself about that too, cuz you're probably 100% better when sparring with your teammates. No worries, I think the vast majority of amateurs experience this especially in our first few fights.
My advice for your next fight:
1. Relax, think about what you want to do then try to execute it. Anyone who's ever competed knows this isn't as easy to do. But it's just jitters, you'll get over it.
2. Don't punch yourself out too early, pace yourself.
3. Block and counter - yes there are 101 different strategies we can suggest, but if you follow this basic principal, you'll be 100% better off than your first performance, where basically he landed shots at will and you just threw non-stop whenever possible. Pick your shots - like your opponent did. He did not appear to be in as physically good shape as you - but he blocked your shots, waited til you opened up and countered between your punches.
5 - throw combos. The 1-2-1-2-1-2 is so easy to block, leaves you open, then you're exhausted and unable to defend after a 4 second flurry. A 3 or 4 shot combo takes up less energy, and is twice as effective and is harder to predict, especially when you mix in body shots.
Athletically, you seem fine - just try to use strategy and fight smart.
Good luck on your next fight!
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