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Default Re: Could Wladimir Klitschko Do This To Tyson?

Originally Posted by Scar View Post
Prime Tyson would beat Wladimir and I'm a Klitschko fan. This panic and hold style won't work against prime Tyson who constantly threw even when close. It won't be an easy fight but as the fight goes Wladimir will eventually tire and be open to a lot of bombs in serious speed and combinations.
Who did tyson ever Kod after round 6? He is not pressure fighter like Fraizer. Tyson has endless stamina? His punch output falls after 5-6 rounds because of his intense style. Wlad will lean on him also. Two other guys who was similar in height to wlad were Golota(not at his best) and lewis(he lost). I know he wasn't at his best in neither of this fights but common. Who did tyson dispatched in his prime with similar style to Wlad? Bruno. But bruno was shorter, had problem with his chin(unlike wlad who maybe clumsy, even though in last fight it wasnt the case, when hit, Bruno, on other hand, freezes completely), had no game plan(I assume on a fact that he slugged with tyson), had low ring iq and still managed to shake Tyson. Also Bruno is only 6 foot 2. I don't need to tell you how much harder it is to punch upwards.
In this fight I think wlad will make a bet on endurance and just survives first 5 rounds leaning on Tyson and jabbing him and make him miss. After that each passing round will favor Wlad.
I know that Tyson persona has special status here and you can't give Wlad too much credit(especially in this match up) without being called a nutthugger but be real. Tyson in his career never beat a fighter with same physique and ability as wlad.
I don't say that it is 100% win for Wlad but you have to admit that its much closer fight then people think.
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