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Default Re: how does geale get the green/mundine boxing viewers to watch his fights?

Originally Posted by teke View Post
Well there u go, thinking mundine was only slightly past it
I do think he was only slightly past it. No one fights that well when they're toast mate. That's discrediting Geale somewhat to think so, and I know you wouldn't be that silly.

What do you think?
Green appropriately copped the best mundine not Geale
Without a doubt, Green got murdered that night. But, Green is ****.
If that mundine turned up in the Geale fight Danny boy would have been blasted out. Keep believing what makes u feel comfortable.
Maybe, maybe not.
Mandy fought at SMW that night, a weight which he has fought best, and has never looked that good at MW.

Geale may work better SMW than you think too.
He also hadn't peaked yet, probably still hasn't. He would starch Green today much the same Mandy did in 2006.

BTW, believing what makes you feel comfortable goes both ways.
You shall be making very easy easy money when Geale knocks out mundine in the rematch
I didn't get the bet unfortunately, and most think the odds won't be that good again.
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