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Default how mundine beats geale.

what are mundines remaining asetts?

hand speed.
decent power.
clean lifestyle.

where has he faded?

less lateral movement.
more willing to stand and trade.
easier to hit.
footwork has slowed.

what were always his problems.

poor corner.
poor punch resistance.
unwilling to work in close.
inferior head movement.
he was always a headhunter.
lack of body work.

the first and most important thing mundine MUST do, is slow the fight down. to do that, mundine must get respect from geale using his power. he has to stand on his punches early. he must not just headhunt. if he does, geale will cover up and reply. mundine must land solid body shots early. he must break up geales defence. put doubt into geales mind as to where mundine will hit him. slow geale down. make him hesitate and think.

mundine has always been a simple headhunter. if he suddenly starts throwing real solid body shots, he will surprise geale. hell, he'll surprise himself. he has to slow the fight down. the way to do that is by using power efficiently, and a conservation of energy, by making geale move back and laterally. mundine must stand his ground, establishing his power early.

if mundine tries to box 12 rounds with geale at geales pace, mundine is going to get outworkd, find himself tiring at about rd9, and will have to rely on his chin and tiring legs more as he will be too tired to avoid punches. he hasnt the head movement to avoid geales flurries. with mundines history of not taking shots to the head well, a tired mundine at rd9 is going out on a stretcher before rd12.

mundines only hope is to jump on geale early, not overwork himself or punch himself out, but land HARD combinations, to the body especially. he must confuse geales defence and slow the fight down. when in close, tie geale up, rough him up and punch hard to hurt him. when geale comes in hit him HARD. punching hard will help keep geale away, which will give mundine a chance to suck air during the fight as geale stands back to measure him. mundine must give geale doubts with his power.

he must hit and run.....EXCEPT, he must hit, and make GEALE run. he must walk forward. it is more energy efficient to go forward than going backwards or sideways. make geale do that. hit geale hard, let geale retreat. mundine must stand his ground and suck air as geale retreats and re-evaluates. mundine needs to conserve energy. he must let geale do all the moving. to do that, he must hit geale hard, confuse him, and not just headhunt. he must go to the body. headhunting geale by itself wont work. it wont confuse his defence.

mundine was never good in close. so dont try now. tie geale up in close. dont try something new. mundine must fight to his own strengths of what he has left. use the handspeed and the power he still has, and the ability to do the rounds IF he can manage to keep the fight slow. a fast fight will beat mundine.

however. mundine has never had a decent corner. i doubt he will this time either, and i doubt he will follow much of a plan. he will fight whats in front of him, and get outworked, then ko'd. mundine was once a thouroubred. but he was trained and taught to be a plough horse.

if mundine cant slow this fight down with his power, body shots, and confuse geales defence by strategy, its all one way from about rd6, with the writing on the wall by rd9, and a ko by rd11 or earlier.
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