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Default Re: How I would advise Robert Guerrero to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Originally Posted by RJJFan View Post
For a southpaw, i don't think it has to be that complicated. Work the jab and move laterally to the right and work the body with the straight left. When the time is right, feint the jab, right hook and throw the left down towards where his head will be. Continue going to the right.
Problem is without great foot-speed and precise foot-work, Floyd just takes a step to his right; the left lands on the shoulder, the fighter walks into a right, Floyd keeps stepping rightwards and repeats the process. And when he pressures, a fighter better be able to circle out faster than he can, which is why leading or advancing makes a big difference. But it's not at all a point to ignore, given the way you can align the straight left that way if done right, so good post.

Originally Posted by uraharakisuke View Post
Great ****ysis OP. Imagine if Robert somehow did manage to pull out a win? He would be a God haha!

May should school him though.
Thanks! I agree, Floyd's probably going to take his best few weapons away early, unless he's really missed a step. But maybe the curse of Canelo is more powerful than we realized! DUN DUN DUN

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