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Default Re: Mayweather vs Guerrero: Deal is Close to being Done

Originally Posted by DavetheSlave View Post
Dont agree that Martinez walks around anything close to 180.

Regardless of Martinez, Mayweather has twice foguth at 154 and in his last fight looked much bigger and more comfortable at the weight than we have ever seen.

He has fought at 147 for a whopping 7 years now and at this stage the refusal to step up for the big tests smacks of his usual avoidance tactics.
I think i was maybe even being conservative with my estimate. Martinez might walk around close to 185lbs or higher. Martinez weighs 176 pounds 30 days out from some of his fights. That should tell you that he is an athletic 180lbs plus man. Sergio Martinez is two divisions up from where Floyd is now. Martinez is so big and strong he was seriously considering fighting Lucian Bute at 168lbs.

Like i said, I don’t remember anybody ever stating that Marvin Hagler needed to challenge himself and fight Michael Spinks. Or Ray Robinson had to fight Ezzard Charles. I'm not suggesting Floyd can’t win. hey, if he took the challenge then i'm all for it. But no fighter should be held to a standard where they are forced to fight a fighter two divisions higher especially when they have already moved up so many divisions.

It doesn't matter how long Floyd's been at welterweight, that's irrelevent. Martinez is just too big. We don't know how 'comfortable' he was at the weight, because he was fighting a career welterweight in Cotto, who we've seen has no business up there himself.

I'm Floyd's biggest critic when it comes to the fighters he's chosen to sidestep, but to say he's avoiding the middleweight champion of the world, when he was at his best at 130lbs is not being fair on him.

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