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Default Re: My fights and trainning questions/opinions

Wow, I think the reason so many views and no reply is...we don't know where to start.
That's about 20 mins of video you got there with loads of questions, and we don't know much about your training habits or current diet.

Plus, after boxing for 3 years, frankly you should have this stuff figured out by now.

Sorry if that sounds harsh (not trying to be an ass), i'm just pointing out that you have more experience than well...half of us here, so we don't know wether to start with basics, or get more advanced.

Off the bat, most people here will agree that for building stamina, simple running or skipping or shadow boxing is probably doing very little for you (unless you are incorporating sprints, or some real high intensity skipping). I understand you are incorporating intervals into your shadow boxing, but lets be real, it ain't nearly as tiring as sparring or fighting. Sounds like your focus on cardio has been more on the 'quantity' vs quality. You can run 10 miles 7 days a week, but if you're not hitting the same intensity as a real fight, you're essentially training to fight someone with the same intensity as someone who is casually jogging in the park.
You need to incorporate real high intensity intervals into your workout, whatever it be.
Again, I don't think it matters what you are doing, or how much of it - as long as you do it hard.

Also, for diet advice - we have some knowledgeable people here - but they can only help if you are specific with what you eat, frequency and approximate quantities.

Technique - no matter what advice you get on the internet - a live coach is the best thing. If your existing coach hasn't done it for you - you're already doing the right thing by getting a new one.

Where to find sparring partners outside of a boxing gym....ha ha, f*ck if I know. Walk around with gloves and ask people on the street. lol. Outside of a boxing or MMA gym, you're pretty much on your own. Proceed with caution, you can pick up reeeeally bad habits sparring with nobodies.

Good luck and welcome to the forum.
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