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Default Re: Wladimir Klitschko vs. Rocky Marciano

Im pulling out of this thread due to K2 fanboys having a meltdown after i debunked every argument brought to me. This will be be last post on the matter unless somebody can show me Wlad beating a pressure fighter who is made of stone.

Its ironic that height is the main reason people give Rock no chance as i believe Wlad is better equiped at knocking out fighters that stand tall and abvove 6 foot. These fighters dont have the advantage Rock has- to be able to bob ,squat and roll under the jab. This is why he couldn't knock out Haye , Byrd 1 and had trouble with Chambers and Peter. Wlad is going to have to come down lower to try hug and anybody who knows Rocky knows he throws a sickening uppercut to the body and head. Shots like that are going to take away Wlads stanima and power extremly fast. Look how he fell apart against Brewster who doesn't have half the power Rock has.

If he barley knocked out light hitting Chambers after 12 rounds , how can canbody in their right mind say he knocks out Marciano.

These are a few paragraphs on Rockys power by boxing writer Mike Casey.

What made Rocky special was that he was a genuine, two-fisted knockout puncher who could damage an opponent with equal effect to both head and body. Marciano’s outstanding endurance enabled him to keep firing and he would fire at any available target. As Dempsey and Louis correctly noted, Rocky could knock a man out with a single shot or break his body and his heart over the long haul with a battery of powerful blows.

The punch of a knockout fighter carries a huge amount of energy. Scientists will tell you that an uppercut which lifts a man off his feet requires the energy of ‘mgh’, where ‘m’ is the mass of the opponent, ‘g’ the acceleration due to gravity and ‘h’ the height to which the opponent is lifted. On average, it is reckoned that 700 foot-pounds of energy is required to manage this feat.

Power punching, for all its surface brutality and apparently meaningless violence to the eye of the layman, is a wonderful science. The precious few who genuinely possess it must marry a formidable range of components and make them flow in harmony.

Historian Mike Hunnicut says, “Some guys are just born with it and no amount of technical jargon will ever fully explain why they are so exceptional. But they all possessed the essential qualities of the true power puncher, which comprise of reflexes, natural power, balance, body-to-hand co-ordination, leverage, follow-through, positioning, snap, timing, speed of body turn, accuracy, commitment to the punch and physicality.

“I have talked to a great many fighters, trainers and sparring partners over the years, and they all make the point that it shouldn’t come as any great surprise that most of the great heavyweight hitters weren’t really big guys, because a certain degree of athleticism is needed to produce leverage, position, timing and snap. Fighters of between 190-210lbs generate more measurable power than heavier men.

“I’m inclined to think that Marciano was the hardest hitter behind Dempsey, because Rocky could hurt you anywhere with both hands. Louis, by contrast, wasn’t a great body puncher. Charley Goldman taught Marciano to punch short with plenty of snap. Rocky had good snap and shoulder turn.

No proof exsit's to prove Wlad was a harder hitter. Wach may have an iron chin , but there has to be something lacking if his face is harder than Wlads power..

Below is Dempsey who beat Willard from pillar to post with a 60 pound weight dissadvantage.

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