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Default David Price will keep fighting stiffs

I read a few articles from the infamous Scott Gilfoid. I used to think this guy was a professional troll. But now I realise this is a guy who is honest, blunt and talks a lot of sense. His articles on Pricey are pretty spot on in my opinion and you should check them out.

Thing is, Tony Thompson is a 1st or 2nd round KO waiting to happen. So what that he fought Klitschko 6 months ago. Did anyone actually see that fight? Thompson was a joke and outclassed completely. All that 'if he is good enough to fight Klitschko 6 month ago, then he is good enough to fight me' coming from Team Price, may wash with the casual fan, but not with me. The fact is, Thompson of today is not much better, if at all, than Matt Skelton, and is just another one to add to the highlight reel of KOs.

What is Price going to learn from this? How are these fights going to prepare him for the guys beneath Klitschko, never mind Klitschko themselves? He will never be ready at this rate. Some argue Price hs only had 15 fights. Yes but he is nearly 30 and also has extensive amateur experience. If he is serious about becoming World Champ, he would not be fighting stiffs like this. And do not give me the **** about no one wanting to fight him. I am pretty sure one of the European prospects will fight him if they offer the $40,000 Tony Thompson is being offered. They could even offer more.

What I think is, Price and Frank know quite well that they can keep fighting stiffs and 8000 mugs will buy tickets and more mugs will pay for a box nation subscription. There is no incentive financially to fight better opposition. What they are doing now is little (virtually none) risk and high reward.

David Price will not fight for a world title for at least another 5 years at this rate. This is coming from a scouser and big price fan btw.
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