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Default Re: how mundine beats geale.

Originally Posted by Bwgcolman View Post
Mundine will have to commit Geale to the punch, make him miss, get his shots off and get on his bike. He would have to use feints to draw Geale into an attack, when Geale attacks Mundine would have to slip the punch or take a half step back then let his punches go, before stepping off and getting ready to do it all again.

It's true that Mundine will also need to land these shots with enough authority to get Geales respect and he'll also need to have the legs behind him to fight this type of fight for 12 rounds. I'm not sure if he's still got it, but hopefully the fight lives up to the hype because if it gets some kids interested in the sport it can only be a good thing.
stick and move should have become mundines trademanrk. he should have skilledhimself into a slick counterpuncher/mover like a ray leonard. instead, he just boxed thousands of rounds with no goal or immagination of where he wanted to end up.

he CANT stick AND move. all he can do now is STICK and make GEALE MOVE. to save hislegs mundine must stand his ground, hit hard, body and head. make geale move all over. stick and move for 12 rds is beyond a 38yo mundine who trained like a plough hourse.

stick AND move would speed geale up. stick and dont move will have geale retreat. mundine must domminate the early exchanges to earn respect and slow the fight down. thats why i say mundine has to jump on geale and prove his power early. mundine must dictate the fight from the start. if it goes to geales speed, mundine wont keep up.

stick and dont move.
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