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Default Re: Could Wladimir Klitschko Do This To Tyson?

Originally Posted by TerryESB View Post
Mike Tyson has all the tools but is mentally weak upstairs, he cant handle adversity. Wlad takes the fight past 5 rounds and keeps the jab in his face & holds on the inside, Tyson will unravel and lose by a late TKO or decision
Which version of Tyson? Late 90's shell of his former self, or late 80's to early 90's guy who hadn't ****ed up his life yet, was confident, and had direction from his handlers? There really is two different versions of that guy, and it was plain as day. Sure, he does get over rated to a degree, and yes, the best fighters he faced crushed him, when he was past it both a little physically but more so mentally. But no version of Wlad keeps a prime tyson held at the end of a jab, or has the ability to hold on the inside all night long. I'm not saying he kills wlad, but I think it's a little far fetched to think Wlad, who does not use any of his perceived size and strength advantages very well at all (besides fighting at a distance) can keep someone with tyson's physical abilities off him for an extended period. He's not Sam Peter.
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