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Default Re: Overem vs. Dos Santos

Originally Posted by BobDigi5060 View Post
I think Overeem is the only man alive who can trade with JDS. With that being said, I believe it would be one of the most entertaining fights of recent memory. Ring rust won't be a factor if Alistair Overeem defeats Bigfoot Silva, so we'll see how the two Contenders look at UFC 156.

I see JDS getting clipped, and eating a few shots as he pressed against the cage. I would like to see what Overeem has been training with the Blackzilians. It's quite possible he will attempt to drag Dos Santos down to the ground. I would advice him too. But, in the end I see Alistair lifting his leg and The current Champ clipping him, The Reem falling back as he losses his footing. From there, he will probably be punched out in the middle of a WAR.

any world class boxer would destroy him on the stand-up but I know what you mean. I think Overeem would use his xp to get the win. Be interesting to see how his stamina holds up with him being that big though.
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