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Default Re: Wladimir Klitschko vs. Rocky Marciano

Originally Posted by dinovelvet View Post
Im pulling out of this thread due to K2 fanboys having a meltdown after i debunked every argument brought to me. This will be be last post on the matter unless somebody can show me Wlad beating a pressure fighter who is made of stone.
A classic strategy of overwhelmed forces throughout history. Pull up camp and retreat while claiming victory. You have debunked nothing and offered even less. You have gone contrary to the opinions of hall of fame trainers and professional heavyweights who have shared the ring with some of the best over the past two decades But you know that.

Originally Posted by dinovelvet View Post
Its ironic that height is the main reason people give Rock no chance as i believe Wlad is better equiped at knocking out fighters that stand tall and abvove 6 foot. These fighters dont have the advantage Rock has- to be able to bob ,squat and roll under the jab. This is why he couldn't knock out Haye , Byrd 1 and had trouble with Chambers and Peter. Wlad is going to have to come down lower to try hug and anybody who knows Rocky knows he throws a sickening uppercut to the body and head. Shots like that are going to take away Wlads stanima and power extremly fast. Look how he fell apart against Brewster who doesn't have half the power Rock has.
This really sounds like someone who has never watched the sport. In general, punching down is quite a bit easier than punching up, especially at such an extreme disparity in height. And again, your approach is solely focussed on Rocky's offense, never questioning how a guy who was KD'd by two old light heavy/cruisers would manage against one of the hardest hitting super heavies to come along.

Originally Posted by dinovelvet View Post
If he barley knocked out light hitting Chambers after 12 rounds , how can canbody in their right mind say he knocks out Marciano.
Never has so confused a statement been made on this board. Firstly, he knocked Chambers ice ****ing cold. He did not knock him into a cereal grain. Secondly, how does Chambers' punching power have more to do with his punch resistance than his movement and defensive abilities?
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