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Default Re: Overem vs. Dos Santos

Originally Posted by iceferg View Post
any world class boxer would destroy him on the stand-up but I know what you mean. I think Overeem would use his xp to get the win. Be interesting to see how his stamina holds up with him being that big though.
JDS would only lose inside a ring. But, you never know. It's hard to make a prediction on JDS v (insert Boxer) because TDD and Muay Thai are a part of Cigano's standup also. Take those Boxing Shoes off, and put that Boxer inside a cage, or put them on Cigano and I'm certain he will shine. Even in defeat which is always a possibility

I'm more worried about Overeem's endurance to be honest, but I have a feeling the fight will materialize and we will see how well JDS takes a shot to the body. Who knows, it could be a huge knee!

This fight is very intriguing because footwork is one of JDS best assets, and I don't think it's wise for Overeem to be on the inside either. Alistair Overeem could use that Thai Boxing, and attempt to work those legs . But, I feel that would be the end of him. Handspeed would be a BIG FACTOR in this Dream Match.
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