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Default Re: What is the point of "light sparring" as a consistent training method?

Originally Posted by dealt_with View Post
When other athletes are at training do they go 100% against their team mates? Are they constantly playing games against each other risking injury? Of course not, they do drills and rotate their activities every training session. Should be the same way with boxing, you're using moves at different speeds in different situations to learn those skills. You put them to use in competition, if you're treating every session like competition then when are your learning sessions? You'll get burnt out and injured if you're treating sparring as competition. The more relevant question is 'what is the point of heavy sparring'? To give a newcomer the taste of competition and a bit of confidence that they can handle it. I think it's especially important for more experienced boxers to avoid hard sparring as it doesn't offer much to a fighters development or longevity.
you obviously never played any other contact sports... its when u dont go 100% that injuries occur most frequently
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