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Default Re: Vlad Klitschko vs the following

Holyfield - Holyfield takes an 8-4 drcision
Buster Douglas - I can't pick Buster based upon 1 night Wlad in a comfortable decision or late stoppage
Tyson- Tyson KO's him inside of 5.
*Foreman-Old version- Wlad pitches a shut-out and could stop (although not drop) him

Razor Rudduck- I like Ruddock to keep him honest, but still Wlad takes a comfortable decision
Witherspoon- I like Spoon and think he keeps it close, but he never seemed to step on it enough for me to pick him here..Wlad comfortable decision
Holmes- Holmes superior skill becomes evident early as he waltzes to a nice 8-4 type of decision.
Bone-crusher Smith- Wlad stops him late while well ahead on the cards.
Pinklon Thomas- Wlad stops him in around 9
Coetzee- Wlad stops him 8
Greg Page- Page is not consistant enough to pick...Wlad stops him in 10 or so.
Dokes- Wlad stops him in around 4-5 or so.
Weaver- Wlad stops him in 7

Ali- Ali takes a nice 9-3 type of decision - I won't pick Wlad for 15 rounds....not sure he could do it.
Liston- Liston stops him in 4.
Norton- Wlad takes a comfortable decision is my number 1 pick...but Wlad could stop him at any point if he lets go.
Lyle- Wlad takes a comfortable decision or wears Lyle down and finnishes him 8-9
*Foreman-Young version- why not a 72-73 version which I would pick to stop Wlad in around 4-5.....This version was worn down and mentally fragile IMHO and Wlad wins very wide or stops a frustrated Foreman late.
Jimmy Young- Wlad wins wide

Walcott- Walcott can trouble him at points, but I can't see him winning this one...Wlad 9-3/8-4
Charles- Wlad stops Charles late while ahead on the cards big.
Rex Layne 34-1-1 version- Wlad by KO 6-8

Schmeling- I like Max alot and really want to pick him...But, Wlad takes a comfortable decision, and could stop him after 9-10.
Max Baer- I don't think Wlad stops him, but he does win big!

Tunney- Wlad stops Tunney in around 5-8
Dempsey- Dempsey stops him 3....or Wlad wins a close one on the cards.
Johnson- Wlad wins a close one on the cards
Jeffires- No guess but I lean towards Wlad by decision
Sullivan- No guess but I lean towards Wlad by decision
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