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Default Re: Vlad Klitschko vs the following

Holyfield- Vlad UD 12
Buster Douglas Vlad KO in 9
Tyson Tyson early or Vlad KO in 8-10
*Foreman-Old version Vlad bust up Foreman and RSC

Razor Rudduck....dangerous fight but Vlad Stops him
Witherspoon...Vlad batters Tim for a stop
Holmes....Holmes makes it gritty for a bit but the Vlad right hand and jab puts Larry on his butt for the win
Bone-crusher Smith...Vlad bust him up
Pinklon Thomas...Prime Thomas is a tough fight and a close decision UD Vlad
Coetzee...Gerry could whack with the right hand enough to be a threat but Vlad has it over him in ability and defense...Vlad by TKO
Greg Page Vlad by RSC
Dokes Vlad should stop Dokes but some quick combo's trouble Vlad
Weaver...Weaver is a dangerous puncher but slow...Vlad by KO

Ali...tough fight for both men, Ali's speed and mental toughness make this a chess match but Vlads Jab and right CROSS AND HOOKS MAKE THIS a close fight, watch Vlad with cuts and watch Vlads jab and power and size to make this a tough battle for Ali to win....Vlad by SD
Liston...Vlad by UD or Liston retires
Norton...Vlad backs Norton up with some right hands and shakes him, Norton comes in aggressive with roundhouse punches but Vlad power shake and finish Kenny Vlad by KO
Lyle...Vlad by RSC
*Foreman-Young version...Foreman could hurt and KO Vlad but prime Vlad can utilize the jab, movement and keep Foreman at bay with power rights and jabs until George gasses Vlad KO in 9-12
Jimmy Young...Young makes this a tough fight with defense and sporadic flurries but Vlad the busier Vlad by close UD

Walcott...Walcott has the one punch sneaky power to put Vlad down and make him very confused but Vlad has size and power...dangerous fight until the end but Vlad also has KO power....I'm leaning towards a Vlad victory

Charles...Ezzard fights on the inside successfully but Vlad size and jab give him the edge...Vlad by UD

Rex Layne 34-1-1 version...Vlad by stoppage in 9-12

Schmeling...Tough battle of the minds..Leaning towards a Vlad stop but Schmeling a dangerous sneaky puncher...Vlad by TKO

Max Baer...Vlad could dominantly outpoint Baer or stop Max but Max has the power to make a difference.....Vlad takes the safe path to a UD

Tunney....Fast on his feet Gene loses a UD
Dempsey Another dangerous fight for Vlad and Dempsey fast and furious, Vlad takes the safe path but shoots the right hand and hook looking for the KO carefully ...Vlad by UD

Johnson Vlad by stoppage in a boring ugly hug fest, Vlad does not stretch it out like Willard with some rapid jabs and right hand rockets but a lot of ugly hugging Vlad by KO in 9

Jeffires Vlad by UD
Sullivan Vlad by KO

I think the guys that would trouble Vlad would be the durable high stamina guys who would be able to pressure Vlad or the one shot pin-point guys that could hurt him....I dont underestimate Vlad he has gotten off the floor to win but he has also gone down for good so I will not make him a God like has been the trend lately...the smaller men like Marciano, Frazier, Dempsey and Louis have a chance to pressure him make him fatigued and also have the one punch power to hurt anyone but is the size factor insurmountable? The fast speedy guys like Ali, Tunney and Walcott would keep Vlad moving forward and open to a counter and Walcott has a good chance with either hand but it is a catch 22 with Vladimir

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