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Default Re: Overem vs. Dos Santos

Originally Posted by thewinfella View Post
Why dont you post some facts, or give something other than a **** poor opinion that fat old men who dont know **** about sport and fester on a sofa day and night come out with !!!!!!!
out of respect what have you done mate? I trained MMA for one year, was actually going to have a semi pro fight bvut that fell through, but I will admit yes I've done little watching of MMA (watched a few prides, UFC's got a few on dvd in the house, followed a few seasons if TUF etc) so I've watched a bit but by no means have I followed it constantly the way I have for years with boxing. I've actually had 7 boxing fights by the way winning 5, I've trained with highly rated boxing, kick boxing coaches and rolled with a 2 bjj black belts (one was brown or purple at the time) and I've rolled with another brown belt who will be a black belt very soon no doubt and I train regularly with an England coach and with the same s and c coach jon-lewis and travis ****inson use (as well as watching those two spar a lot). I also trained in sub wrestling with a pro and scored take downs on him (fair enough he was lighter and subed me but I'm much fitter now).

So basically I have done training, I don't give a **** what you've done or how many fights you have had but I've done enough to have an opinion. I said before Overeem failed his test that he was clearly on stuff (didn't we all) and I called out Cairwin before he was caught (again didn't we all). Now a lot of highly rated fighters like Werdum and Dos Santos have said that they feel that Overeem has been on stuff for years, everybody says it, so **** off out of my thread you little rat, looks like you had your facts wrong mate.

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