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Default Re: Vlad Klitschko vs the following

Genuinely wrote out every answer for Vitali till I realised it was meant for Wlad

Holyfield - Holyfield late stoppage. wlad would struggle with the relentless pressure and heart of Holyfield late on after being slightly ahead on the cards
Buster Douglas - Wlad by late stoppage. Douglas of the Tyson fight was a beast, however he had a rather helpful stylistic match-up in that fight and the shoes on the other foot in this one.
Tyson - Tyson early KO. Wlad wouldn't be able to handle the speed and power of Tyson mixed in one.
*Foreman-Old version - Wlad UD. Wide UD and old Foreman would probably be on the verge of being stopped near the end. wlad would be focused 100% of this fight knowing the dangers of Foreman's awesome raw power

Razor Rudduck - Wlad mid round stoppage. Ruddock has limited success after being stuck on the end of Wlad's jab for the whole of the fight. A left hook followed by a huge right would end proceedings in brutal fashion
Witherspoon - Wlad late stoppage. Tim makes it awkward, but wouldn't quite have enough to get himself past the Wlad. Close on the cards, but the younger Klitschko brother gets the stoppage late on
Holmes - Wlad UD. Arguably the only person that is better at doing what Wlad does (jab followed by the straight right) however Holmes gets over various when the jab doesn't work for him. I like Wlad in a close decision
Bone-crusher Smith - Wlad via mid round stoppage. Beats the living **** out of him and that is all ya need to know.
Pinklon Thomas - Wlad late stoppage.Pinklon's jab wouldn't be quite as good as Wlad's. While it lasts it's gonna be awkward but like the Witherspoon match-up, Wlad gets to him late on
Coetzee - Wlad mid stoppage. catiously works his lead up while busting Coetzee up in the process. Takes him him out around about the 6th
Greg Page - Wlad mid stoppage. Page was far too inconsistent against top contenders to even consider him a threat here
Dokes - Wlad Ud. Wlad would be wary of Michael's power and stay on the outside and coast the UD.
Weaver - Wlad beats the **** outa Weaver and stops him mid rounds

Ali - Ali UD. A snore fest is expected, but Ali's foot and head movement would have Wlad missing that big left jab all night. It would be close on the cards, however because it's Ali, he'd take it fairly comfortably (not that I feel he needs the judges help here)
Liston - Liston by mid round KO. Battle of the jabs here. wlad may get the better of it, but Sonny's gonna land that big right hand and Wlad isn't going to be able to handle that power
Norton - Wlad by early stoppage. That chin of Ken's is just too shaky against the elite power punchers I'm afraid. Wlad certainly falls in this category
Lyle - a dangerous fight for Wlad. Not only could Lyle bang, but he could take a big punch to. I think Wlad would pull it off with a stoppage win, but he may taste the canvas here
*Foreman-Young version - I honestly don't care about this one. Prime for prime Foreman would knock Wlad the **** out
Jimmy Young - Jimmy could make this awkward, and I think he'd survive the distance, but he hasn't got the punch output or power to trouble Wlad. Competitive UD for Wlad

Walcott - Walcott via KO. The one punch power of Jersey Joe would land on Wlad at some point in this fight. He carried his power late and that is when it would be most likely to happen.
Charles - Wlad by mid round stoppage. Charles could make it awkward, but I think he gets over powered here
Rex Layne 34-1-1 version - Wlad via KO, to big for Rex I'm afraid.

Schmeling - I don't think Max could last more than 5 with someone that posses such power in both hands. kilt by KO
Max Baer - Wlad coasts to an easy UD. He'd be far too wary of Max's power to think about the stoppage.

Tunney - Wlad keeps Tunney on the end of his jab for most of the night. Wide UD
Dempsey - Jack has a chance to KO him early. If it goes past 4 I think Wlad takes Dempsey out late though.
Johnson - depends how long this one is scheduled for. 20 or more I'd take Johnson via late KO and the same would go for Jeffries. If its a 12/15 rounder then I'll go for a Wlad UD in a snore fest. Against Jeffries he'd beat the **** out of him for 15 rounds, but I think Jim could last till the final bell
Sullivan - Wlad by KO as it's the most sensible option, but honestly this fight could go either way

For the ones you missed:

Frazier - Frazier via KO. Wlad would struggle to hit Frazier and I think that left hook would connect before Wlad got Smokin Joe in trouble. early KO victory in brutal fashion
Lewis - Lewis could fight on the inside and that's why I favour him here. A huge uppercut in the middle rounds ends proceedings, but Wlad could come close to stopping Lennox early on
Bowe - like Lewis, the inside is crucial. There will be no easy hold for Wlad every time Rid**** got past his jab and straight right. Bowe takes Wlad out late, hurting Wlad a few rounds before and making it s****py
Louis - I think Wlad could do this, but he'd have to be on the outside backing off for the whole fight. If he tries to box Louis in the centre of the ring, Joe's gonna get inside and unleash a right hand from hell .... I think we know how that would end
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