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Default Re: Trevor King... Oz Boxing's Greatest Success Story

Part 2

“My brother introduced me to gambling. Up until my second accident i had never placed a bet, but my fighter. I fought Sigi again later and beat him.”brother had backed my fights and we had shared the winnings.” “With the money from my fights and about $39,000 compensation i was awarded for the car accident, i became a gambler.” “I attended about 14 race meetings a week. I can tell you gambling does not pay. I must have tried every system possible in my four years of gambling, but one thing always lets you down – that unpredictable human element.”
Trevors experiences as a gambler made him a much poorer, but wiser man. “After four years of gambling, nightclubbing and heavy drinking, i became very dis-satisfied with my life and started looking for something better.” “Although i had left school at 11, i had always been a tremendous reader. When i was fighting i always had a book with me to read between training and bouts. I read through every subject – physiology and diet books to help me improve my physical condition for fighting, then i went on to philosophy, psychology and other subjects. I was known in the fight world as ‘The Thinker.’” “I began to try to work out a better way to live, and because of the quiet i used to go into an empty church to meditate. I still had no call toward religion, but i gradually came to believe that we did live in a universe of moral consequence.” “That is good is rewarded by good, and bad by bad. This applies to everything. If you treat your body well with exercise and proper diet, as i had done as a fighter, you feel well. If you abuse it with heavy drinking and wild living, as i had done as a gambler, you feel terrible. I still go for a two mile run every morning before breakfast and when i get back the milk is on the doorstep. I always look at it and remember the nights i would arrive home with the milk rotten. I know which life i prefer.” “The same applies with what you do in life. In my four years of acquaintance with Sydney’s underworld, i never met a happy criminal.” “After i saw Judy that day at Parramatta, i went to a Salvation Army Service, and there i found, as it is said, ‘the way, the truth and the light’” “I volunteered full-time service with the army, two years later, Judy and i were married.”
After four years of study – two at a Salvation Army College – Trevor was ordained. His wife was ordained at the same time and together they will minister the parish. “Judy has always felt the call to service and although she is only 21 she has equal rank with me within the army. We are particularly keen to work with young people and plan to buid a youth centre between the house and the citadel. We hope all the young people in the area will find it a good place to come for sport and social get togethers. I will possibly teach a bit of boxing if the young boys and their parents would like me to. I dont look upon this as encouraging agressiveness – i have never known a good fighter who was a bully.” “But i do believe boys should have the ability to defend themselves against a pack of bullies, and more even important be able to protect their girlfriends or family. Judy plans to form a guitar group. She is a very good guitarist and singer.”
Trevor and Judy agree that their work wont leave them much time for a private life, but its the life thy have chosen and because they are working together their happiness is very evident.

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