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Default Re: How I would advise Robert Guerrero to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Originally Posted by iceman71 View Post
mayweather only has a few fights left in him, and to waste it on a guy that was fighting for the lightweight title last year, who resume now reads 2-0 as a welterweight , over one guy with not significant win on his record , and the other guy Berto, giving him his 2nd loss in 3 fights. yippie.
robert is a good fighter at 135....he is unproven at 147 and trout would giving him a boxing lesson by the way
Guerrero isn't as unproven as you think at Welter. Berto was still considered a top Welter when Guerrero beat him. The Welterweight division at the minute is virtually unproven, it's not as deep as it looks, and hasn't been for years. The only reason it has been kept in the spotlight as one of the best divisions in the sport is because of Mayweather and Pacquiao, outside of that, it has been full of prospects or unprovens who have yet to step up since Cotto, Mosley, Margarito, Williams, etc all left 147lbs.

Opponents for Mayweather at 147lbs are very thin.

Marquez - already beaten him via shut out, rematch probably can catch the public eye since Marquez's KO of Pacquiao, but most likely the same result. Mayweather would be criticised for this.

Pacquiao - 2 defeats in a row (even though he beat Bradley, I thought he lost to Marquez the third time anyway), 1 via devastating KO. Hasn't happened for years, unlikely to happen now. Mayweather would massively be criticised for this bout.

Bradley - A bout that I would like to see, Top Rank and GBP though, ruining good matchups as usual. Bradley will probably face Pacquiao again next if Arum has his way.

Who else at 147lbs? Malignaggi? Brook? Alexander? Can't think of many more.

The division is thin, and you can't expect him to keep fighting at 154lbs just to please the fans. Twice he has fought at 154lbs, twice he hasn't looked his best. He's a small Welter, and an even smaller Light Middle. He can't be criticised if he doesn't box at that weight again.
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