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Default Re: German Speakers : How badly screwed is Boytsov?

Originally Posted by Vysotsky View Post
Evidently you understand very little considering that Kluch didn't own Universum or work with Boytsov a couple years ago. Seems like you're just making unsubstantiated outlandish claims and going out of your way to bash Boytsov.

Your input is always valued though Chi
What I get from Kluch's statements about it is that he felt like he could pull Universum out of financial trouble by keeping his big named fighters active, even if it meant taking lower paying fights.

And that Boystov would not fight for shorter money even if he was fighting lesser guys.

It could be a major reason why Denis hasnt been as active as we'd like him to have been.

No one seems to know the specifics, but for instance.....

Seems Denis was moving along nicely in his return but wanted big money to continue fighting lower ranked fighters.

Universum had little trouble getting quality guys in there for his fighters. Kluch has worked well with dozens of quality journeymen and contenders in the past. And he was trying to stage an in house fight between Boystov and Chagaev.

BUT? Who does he pay in that fight? Does he give Chagaev the bigger split, or the star, Denis the bigger slice? My GUESS is Denis needed more money for that fight. Chagaev was probably willing to fight for 50% of his normal price, but even then, if he typically got 80K for a fight and was willing to go in for say 40K, would Denis relent off his 100K and take 70K to make the huge fight?

IDK the whole of it, but Kluch seems to have genuinely tried to make the company solvent again. Even though the fights seemed to have been staged in HS gyms, he was still putting quality guys to work. And he was banking on Denis being a part of his rehab of the company.

Just from my perspective anyways.
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