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Default Re: Mayweather vs Guerrero: Deal is Close to being Done

Originally Posted by Beeston Brawler View Post
He's hardly ever taken any fights that he didn't know beforehand that he was going to win.

Sorry to sound like a broken record, but that's the truth of the matter.

He's never really put himself in the firing line - he's never given the fans the fights that they wanted.

The fans wanted Margarito, Cotto, Pacquiao.... he stuttered like a cold turkey alcoholic when asked if he'd fight Margarito, he retired to avoid Cotto and made up excuses galore to avoid Pacquiao.

All in their primes.

Not saying this era could have been as good as the 80's by a long shot, but where was his ''Leonard/Hearns'' or ''Hagler/Hearns'', where?

Barrera, Morales, Marquez & Pac all fought each other (JMM & Erik aside) - multiple times, there's three or four of those fights that would be right up there in any historian's list of great fights.

The best fight Floyd has ever been involved in.... probably the pair against Castillo, or Hatton perhaps. Nowhere near THAT kinda level in terms of quality or intrigue.
Agreed. Doesn't bode well for his legacy.
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