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Default Re: Overem vs. Dos Santos

Originally Posted by iceferg View Post
out of respect what have you done mate? I trained MMA for one year, was actually going to have a semi pro fight bvut that fell through, but I will admit yes I've done little watching of MMA (watched a few prides, UFC's got a few on dvd in the house, followed a few seasons if TUF etc) so I've watched a bit but by no means have I followed it constantly the way I have for years with boxing. I've actually had 7 boxing fights by the way winning 5, I've trained with highly rated boxing, kick boxing coaches and rolled with a 2 bjj black belts (one was brown or purple at the time) and I've rolled with another brown belt who will be a black belt very soon no doubt and I train regularly with an England coach and with the same s and c coach jon-lewis and travis ****inson use (as well as watching those two spar a lot). I also trained in sub wrestling with a pro and scored take downs on him (fair enough he was lighter and subed me but I'm much fitter now).

So basically I have done training, I don't give a **** what you've done or how many fights you have had but I've done enough to have an opinion. I said before Overeem failed his test that he was clearly on stuff (didn't we all) and I called out Cairwin before he was caught (again didn't we all). Now a lot of highly rated fighters like Werdum and Dos Santos have said that they feel that Overeem has been on stuff for years, everybody says it, so **** off out of my thread you little rat, looks like you had your facts wrong mate.
I dont have to tell you anything about what ive done, its on my profile, go and read it if your that interested

Overeem is a juice head, it doesnt take the brains of an arch bishop to work that one out!, It was the clueless ****in remarks about dos Santos that got my back up, if you dont know anything about sports science dont make comment, simple as that! dont use words like "probably" .......... to accuse a man of cheating who is actually clean (obviously none of us know one way or the other for 100% certain) is as bad as it gets, specially in this sport!

Thats what i was getting at
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