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Default Re: Khan to front GBP in the U.K.

Originally Posted by ollyc View Post
You're either thick or blind. Or both. This has quite clearly turned into a hate thread - there is hardly any constructive 'criticism'. You must've missed Bill's tiresome, ill-informed contributions, such as posting a picture of Khan in a heap during the Garcia bout. Or Beeston's unimaginative glass chin image. Or you own contribution (which has no basis in fact); let me refresh your memory.

Khan fought Kotelnik, Salita, Malignaggi, Maidana, McCloskey, Judah, Peterson & Garcia in a row. Even the two weaker fighters in that list can be excused: Salita was a mandatory, and McCloskey was at the time the undefeated European champion.

And yet you've stated that 'Khan plays the "ill fight who's in put in front of me" card really well'; intimating that he will use that as an excuse to avoid the division's best, when he hasn't shirked a challenge since winning the WBA strap.

'Neutral'. Yeah right. You have your biases the same as the rest of us. Your Dilks/Fielding prediction is proof of this.
Dilks Fielding - Yep ill take that one on the chin, i was being biased, id witnessed Dilsky in the gym and he had worked bloddy hard for that fight, but ill give you that 1

Khan - Salita was a mandatory, thats out, McCloskey was a contractual obligation from GBP to pay Amir his contracted rate of $1.25 per fight (incidentally this was the last fight on that particular deal) and he was one of a few guys who would accept a purse to make this happen, he was hand picked and he is ****e, European champion or not, he was significantly BELOW the standard of opponent Khan had been facing!

I dont blindly hate Khan, I am a neutral, but i get an overwhelming feeling of bull**** when ever he opens his mouth about 99% of things related to boxing, and i try my best not to criticise because i know the lad is stupid! but its difficult

Dont fight Carlos Molina then say "i would of knocked out Danny Garcia in there tonight" then come out with "ill fight anybody who GB put in front of me"

If your the best man in the division and you sincerely believe that, ask your promotional company to back you, and match you accordingly

Oh theres a problem there, they did! and that didnt go so well ..............

So what next, fight blown up LW's, ok i get that, and i get Khan is re-building but spare us all the insult to our intelligence and do not come out with things that are simply un-true!
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