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Default Re: Canelo Alvarez Power?

Originally Posted by viru§™ View Post
What exactly is the guy I name meant to have done? You expect some guy that can't box to suddenly start winning every fight? Winning and losing has nothing to do with punching power. A guy could lose every fight, double his punching power and still lose. You could also increase power but not increase your KO count at all. Do you expect me to give you scientific studies proving boxer x has increased his punching power by 500lbs or what? What are we measuring this by?

Also, refer back to my previous post about it not being impossible.

Old school guys will happily sit back and stick with what has worked in the past, which is fine, but don't try and tell everyone what is and isn't possible when there's guys out there now attempting to prove you wrong and you're utterly clueless with no knowledge of anatomy and physiology, bio mechanics etc.

You have no idea whether it's possible or not, neither do I, but I'm not making the claim. I listen to very knowledgeable guys like S**** who seem to think there's possibility in it. But you disagree based on very basic knowledge of anything and the fact you haven't seen it happen yet. Did you know the 4 minute mile was said to be physically impossible? The human body is far more capable than most people give it credit for.
Where do I begin, at the beginning, "What exactly is the guy I name meant to have done?" The answer is develop Canelo punching power. See how easy that was, now can it be done? The answer is no, it cant. Can it done in the future who knows.
I really dont want you to anything, I just want one name that went from no power to canelo power, Just one.
A clue to make it easy for you we are talking NOW, not some date in the future where everybody will have Canelo power.

tick tick tick.
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