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Default Re: Khan to front GBP in the U.K.

Originally Posted by ero-sennin View Post
Did I say he was? he knocked Khan out didn't he? He's still a very big threat to Khan (as he proved), and that's the point. Yet I still believe Khan wants that rematch and would jump at the opportunity. I never said Khan's list of opponents is outstanding, but do I believe he would duck anyone? No. He would fight Mayweather, he would fight Pacquiao. You can call it stupidity or bravery, doesn't matter. Lucky for him, goldenboy will match him carefully.
I think its a common mis-perception mate, i do not believe that Khan has pressed for the best available opponent at various stages of his career!

I believe Golden Boy have matched him wisely, and carefully, and anybody who has followed Khan's path know this, Malignaggi was a poor option in comparison to what was available, as was McCloskey, Zab Judah is Zab Judah and i will openly tip my hat to the clinical nature in which Khan dealt with him, it remains his career's best performance by a country mile! i will also give Khan his dues for fighting Maidana, simply because he's a slugger who's difficuilt to look great against, but again he was not the best available option at the weight.

Kell Brook .............. ?? apparently "hasnt done enough" please!
Breidis Prescott never rematched

And yet Khan claims he and Ricky Hatton would be momumental, or "id love the opportunity to fight a legendary fighter like Erik Morales", i mean dont say you do not read between the lines when looking at who Khan ends up fighting when all is said and done.
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