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Default Re: how effective would the lighter heavyweights be today?

Originally Posted by lufcrazy View Post
I would add foreman to that list. He's the boundary for me.
For my money Foreman is more in the Jim Jeffries and Max Baer category.

Maybe after wlad retires it's chambers who will rule the roost, maybe it'll be the next shw in price etc.
That will be the acid test.

In practice I think that if the Klitschko's retired tomorrow, you would get a shuffeling of the pack, which might include a Chambers type fighter and a Price type fighter.

I dont think a guy should be favoured purely down to size, I think it's more that a great big un beats a great little un.
I don't think that it strictly holds true.

Carnera was good but not great. I'm not 100% sold on Vitali being great. Foreman had stamina issues that smaller defensive greats could exploit. Bowe was pretty much the full package and I'm not sure how any cruiserweight beats him (I had it a draw with holy and he might just be the greatest cruiserweight in history).
But Holyfield did split a series with him, thus undermining the principle that a great big un beats a great little un. Score it how you must, but they were clearly competitive fights.

Now great as Holyfieldwas, he was not one of the better punchers or finishers of his weight. What if it had been somebody like Joe Louis instead?

Lewis and wlad only have a weakness with their chin. (early wlad tired but has since proven he can go the distance). Lewis was timed by McCall, bounced into Rahman and Wlad was timed by Sanders. Expecting a guy 60 pounds lighter to time and explode isn't feasible against greats of this stature for me.
I submit that a smaller faster fighter with better finishing skills, such as Jack Dempsey, would be more likley to get to Lewis or Wlad than the guys who did.

For whatever it is worth, the only fighter of the 4/5 who has consistently dominated the smaller contenders, is Wlad.
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