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Default Re: Canelo Alvarez Power?

Originally Posted by dempsey1234 View Post
You'd be surprised. But to be fair I will answer you, we are talking Canelo power not increasing somebodies power.
"You seem to turn everything into an argument on here and have a very cinematic and unrealistic view on the realities of the sport."
Maybe I am that way cos of the yappers who come on here calling hard working and dedicated people stupid cos they dont know the human body like they do or they are re****ed cos they are old school.
I am in the real world, people who believe they can increase someones power to that of Canelo's, well they probably need to call Mickey to train them. I am open to new ideas as would any other manager or trainer, to what would give my guy an edge.
If you get HBO international then you would have seen some of my guys fighting. All my guys have a promotional with one of the biggest promoters in the world, even Mr Freddie and Araiza wanted to work with my fighters.
I don't believe somebody should tell people that something can make them into a canelo puncher, when that just isn't true. If you can't punch to begin with then no trainer can make you a puncher. If you watch Juan Diaz, he punched correctly, and accurately with his body behind it, and correct leverage and he still couldnt pop.
I dont mean to be confrontational but if pushed I will push back.
I like how you keep picking out these hard punchers and claiming everyone has said anyone can punch as hard as these guys. Nobody has claimed an increase of xxx% punching power, you have thrown these claims out yourself. All that's been said is it's very possible to increase punching power, some to a high level depending on experience. What's so difficult to accept?

What is your name and who are you managing?
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