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Default Re: Canelo Alvarez Power?

Originally Posted by viru§™ View Post
I like how you keep picking out these hard punchers and claiming everyone has said anyone can punch as hard as these guys. Nobody has claimed an increase of xxx% punching power, you have thrown these claims out yourself. All that's been said is it's very possible to increase punching power, some to a high level depending on experience. What's so difficult to accept?

What is your name and who are you managing?
Just to remind you what this thread is about:
'Where does Canelo Alvarez get his tremendous punching power from? When I watch him fight, I can see that he is very flat footed and really rotates every inch of his body when delivering punches, but whenever I do it - I do not get the same result. Is it genetics, technique, physique? If it is a physical factor, then what training does he do or can anyone do to develop huge punching power?'
Maybe cos I dont use scientific words you have missed what I have said on the topic of increasing punching power. I to believe you can increase power somewhat through training, but to what extent? Juan Diaz, had everything available to him S&C guy, a pretty good trainer, knew how to fight and punched correctly and hit all the right spots, he started as a powderpuff puncher and he retired a powderpuff puncher, no increase at all, so much for that theory.
As to who I am and who I am managing, that really is not the point, is it.
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