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Default Re: David Price will keep fighting stiffs

Does the Thompson fight really excite anyone though? For me personally I see straight through it, if it wasn't for the fact he lost to Klitschko no one would be ****d in the slightest.

And 41 years old? 99% of fighters are done by that age, and I'm talking about people who were a lot ****ing better in their prime than Tony Thompson.

I like Price a lot, I think he has skills and he seems like a good guy and he's british so naturally I want to root for him but I find myself taking the **** on here about him more and more.

His matchmaking is a ****ing JOKE. Can anyone else please tell me any other up and coming fighter in HISTORY who got matched with three 40+ in a row?

Is there one really? I doubt it, but someone please prove me wrong because it's a shocking state of affairs.

Absolute ****ing joke if you ask me.
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