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Default Re: Canelo Alvarez Power?

Originally Posted by viru§™ View Post
That was the original question. Nobody responding to you is attempting to answer that particular question. So your point is..?

You can't put an exact number on it, that'd be extremely difficult. I'd even go as far to say impossible with all the possible factors. It is you who is asking for an exact measurement of power increase which is what I'm saying is just plain dumb. Nobody has claimed you can add a tremendous amount of power to a punch, that is something you have thrown out there in an attempt to make yourself look right.

What theory?

BTW, picking one guy and saying "well he didn't do it!" is very poor. That's it, one guy proves that it's impossible to increase punching power to a decent level? One person is all the data you have? Great study their, mate.

Just wondering. You keep making these claims about meeting top level guys, managing world class boxers yet you act like a child that doesn't understand basic science and logic. You also argue over little things on Internet forums, things you have absolutely no clue about. It makes no sense as to why somebody at such a level would waste their time.
I could name a whole ship load of fighters who started as featherdusters and through great training and use of body mechanic's behind each shot, were still featherdusters at the end of their careers, wot happened to science and logic?
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