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Default Re: I hope burns and his team feel ashamed

I want to just take a moment to point out something Bunce said a few years ago regarding Pavlik-Abraham. That fight was there, fans wanted it, and yet it never happened.

Abraham was called a ducker for not travelling for it, but what it came down to was cash common sense. I know a lot of folk on here think boxers should be like samurai, fighting only for honour - but if the money isn't right (and let's be honest, without HBO there's nothing in Broner - the gate would take much more in Scotland!) and the terms aren't ideal (two months to prepare could easily not be enough for the most important fight of your career), then it won't happen.

None of us know what was offered or if there even was an offer. Richard Schaefer is not a reliable source, especially in light of his conduct towards VADA. Do you think Gavin Rees is getting some amazing deal? Or that it's not loaded with options? What do you think Hearn and Rees have had to concede to make this fight?

Rees has nothing to lose, Ricky is a belt-holder. But, it's not a surprise to see people getting so over-emotional about things. It's a ESB tradition.

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