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Default Re: Which is better: MMA or Boxing?

I respect MMA and combat specialists from all backgrounds, but I just can't help shaking my head 90% of the time there's stand-up fighting. I know the stance needs to be different for take-down defense and all that, but the fundamentals of balance, lateral movement, straight punches, head movement a lack of telegraphing, pivoting into a punch, all seems to be missing. They say boxing is a part of MMA, and theoretically it is, but it's rarely ever used even half-way right. And that's a problem for me not just because boxing is what I prefer, but because boxing is such a fundamental collection of skills. There are lots of other things that go on in the octagon that matter, but being able to not eat 10 consecutive punches like BJ Penn did in his last fight seems important to me. It doesn't look professional. I mean, I'll tune in every once in a while, so I checked the Silva-Sonnen rematch, one of if not the most anticipated event of the year, and how does it end? With Sonnen missing a spinning back-fist and falling onto the ground and proceeding to get stomped out (or G&P'd, can't remember which). It looked embarrassing.

KJ Noons was able to beat Diaz with counter-punching skills nobody uses in MMA and he wouldn't even be world class in boxing. What I mean is that there is this unexplored treasure trove of combat tools MMA fighters are missing out on by neglecting to strengthen their fundamentals of boxing.

I've tried to get into watching MMA, and again, it's not that I don't respect it; Jiu Jitsu is something I'll probably want to learn one day and wrestling is a valuable thing to know. It just seems that every time I flip the channel, it's either them on the floor, which might be technical and legitimately competitive but is unexciting to me, or it's a ****ty boxing match between two guys huffing and puffing with a few kicks and knees thrown in here and there.

IMO the refined nature of boxing allows for much more nuanced and sophisticated combat. It's a more specialized, complete art, and a more aesthetically pleasing one. Nothing compares to the best boxing matches I've seen; Marquez-Pacquiao 5 in a bar was an unforgettable experience. I'm not sure I could ever say that about an MMA match.

Oh and I might as well close out by saying they can co-exist. It's natural for them to compete, but you can prefer one without ****ting on the other.
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