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Default Re: Is Ricky burns scared of Adrian broner?

Originally Posted by ero-sennin View Post
Can't get plainer than that really. I'm not about to start calling Burns a ducker or a coward or anything silly like that. If he doesn't feel the time is right, that's his choice, and the fight could still happen later on in 2013. It's not as if it 100% won't happen. Let's see what unfolds. If it doesn't happen though, you can say he had his chance and he let it get away. Lot of people still pointing the finger at the team or allegedly (which is understandable). Just wanted to put it straight.
And let's also put this out there: no one else GBP has approached has accepted the fight with Broner. That tells you something about the offer.

And Broner's fighting Gavin Rees! That deserves criticism in and of itself.
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