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Default Re: Overem vs. Dos Santos

Originally Posted by iceferg View Post
What a hypocryt. You came on here talking all this **** about me being a lazy fat **** etc. (as so many novices mma fighters do trying to sound big) making completely BS assumptions about me, then I simply pointed out that I have a bit of knowledge about mma and boxing and train regularly and have infact competed. Again, I don't work as a gym instructor I'm just qualified as one I am studying sport science A levels with an amateur boxing academy so I train 3-4x a week there and 5x a week at my boxing gym, as well as doing runs weight lifting sessions etc. I'm completly dedicated to boxing and training in general. The guy who told me this wasn't an Alex Reid type btw, more like a dedicated student of mma who was of the opinion that to move up a level in the sport he'd need PEDs which he didn't want to do.

I'm of the opinion that many at the top of sports are on PEDs quite simply because they are, I made the comment about JDS rather jokingly tbh, but quite frankly there is a good chance it's true, I don't know as much about MMA but it seems already that your comment that no one at his gym uses stuff has been corrected by another poster.

Like I say you came in this thread with the assumptions and the name calling, basically thinking your gods gift because you've had 1 am or semi pro mma fight that you have more knowledge than everybody else so like I said please just **** off out of my thread with your egg on your face coz I haven't got any time for you!
Right mate

Do me a favour, stop telling me to get out of your thread! it is not YOUR THREAD! its an open thread were any one can and will post! and no matter what the **** you say, i will post what i like!

What are you talking about a comment i made about his whole gym taking steroids?????

I am a novice, i know im a novice, but unless your name is Guillermo Rigondeaux then so are you!, 7 fights 5 & 2, i mean what am i supposed to do bow down to your superior skill set and NVQ's! seriously do me a favour. I work very hard with top level guys and coaches in all disciplines, i can hold my own in them all, which for me transitions into a pretty effective MMA skill set.

I have never once said "im a UFC veteran" nor have i claimed to be "God's gift", never have i said "i have more knowledge than anyone else because i fight MMA" that was your assumption not mine! i am a student of this game and given my nature i like to know the intricacies of MMA and the blend of disciplines that makes up a good solid fighter, and i believe i do.

I began the name calling, i believe i asked you to post facts about the dos Santos allegation, and went a bit further, granted, im a man of integrity, ill hold my hand up and say that was wrong, and i was wrong! The way you described this allegation at the beginning of your thread was shabby.

I know full well the impact PED's have in this sport, i see it, im not blind, i train with pro's. Specifically in this country something has to be done about it because clean men are losing fights because of it, its not right! but that doesnt mean that the top top level guys in the world have to be taking PED's because the middle tier men in the UK are juiced up to the nines, from some of the guys juiced up that i know of are simply doing so to supplement there lack of proper professional training time, i.e. they have families, or jobs outside of MMA therefore they find it difficult to rest and recycle the body, or sometimes cannot even make the gym, obviously its not something i would condone and i would never fight anyone who i had reasonable evidence was on gear, and as you probably know, its not difficult to find out!

You have a chip on your shoulder mate, ill say i was wrong for diving on you like that, but you will not call me some sort of bum or chump because my record reads 1 & 0.
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