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Default Re: Overem vs. Dos Santos

Originally Posted by iceferg View Post
By the way in my avatar I'm just over 17 stone, that's because it was the summer and I don't have to diet because the season is off. I enter the ring around 16 stone and there is plenty of fighters who have performed at a high level who are fatter than I am in that pic both in MMA and boxing, certainly better than you so just give it a rest with your ego.

By the way mate you say you don't listen to meat heads like Alex Reid lol. Funny because Alex Reid is an expierienced professional MMA fighter and kick boxing and if he ever gave me advice on MMA or fittness I'd listen to everything he had to say but I guess you have amassed a greater amount of expierience in your one fight than he has.
To be honest mate, i reckon your a grade A lunatic who is driven from in-securities and have developed from there into somewhat of a knowledgable man.

Thats fair enough, everyone has there reasons and everyone is driven by something, my personality is the opposite, so I'm not surprised we have clashed.

Ive noticed you like the word experienced, was Dean Amasinger experienced (2 & 0 at the time) when he played with Alex Reid on TUF (12 & 11 at the time) in the Wolfslair ??? no he was not, does Alex Reid juice ?? ill let you work that out

He's not credible mate, not in my eyes, and ive got no love what so ever for him, i wouldnt listen to a single bit of advice he had to give me, because im comfortable and confident that people i trust and turn to for advice in specific areas are the right people, and it hasnt let me down yet !

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