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Default Re: How I would advise Robert Guerrero to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr.

First of all for any fighter to beat Floyd they're going to have too be versatile and be able to adapt and mix up styles during the fight. If Guererro makes the mistake of trying to stay in close-range and inside fight with Floyd he'll get beaten up and possibly stopped late on.

I would have Guerrero first establish his jab on Floyd, as difficult as it may be it can be done. High hands and using plenty of footwork and feints to keep Floyd guessing, I would advise Robert throws quick flurries and gets out of range, as the rounds go on Robert couldn't keep this up as Floyd would adapt to it, the key here is to notice Floyds adaptations without giving it away, this is where the feints would come in, throw the flurries and step out and start again, but feint the next time around and watch Floyds movements.
Then Floyd will try walk Robert down at some point in this fight, by walking forward with his hands held high and try get inside, when Floyd adopts this approach I would advise Robert to throw a jab, lead hook, straight left to the body and step out. Whilst throwing this combination it is important that Robert A) keeps his hands high and B) moves his head with his shots, this will limit the chance of Floyd landing a clean counter.

The main plan for me would be to try force Floyd back using Roberts size and footwork, when Floyd is on the ropes throw a bundle of punches mainly aimed at Floyd's body, load up on the hooks and straights and jab out.

When Floyd tries to force the attack Robert should step out of range immediately, as letting Floyd work in will be bad news as Floyd would already know what punches and movements he will want to throw.

I think Robert could potentially beat Floyd on work rate, but will he? NO[/b]

Robert isn't disciplined enough to stick to a gameplan and lacks concentration as seen in his previous fights, Floyd will box his way to a UD 117-111 and beat up The Ghost in the process.
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