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Default Re: Canelo Alvarez Power?

Originally Posted by dealt_with View Post
Very rarely are guys doing all the right things correctly, even p4p guys like Andre Ward have deficiencies in their technique. You need to know what you're looking at and you need a high speed camera plus EMG's attached to see if somebody is punching optimally. There are many places in the chain that muscular activation and coordination can break down. You can get top guys like McClellan who use their bodies to punch very well and you get guys like Bradley who turn their shoulders at the same time as their hips, you don't even need anything other than your naked eye to see the qualitative mistakes they make. Any guy who can't punch has problems with their technique and/or posture. I can guarantee that and no strength program will turn somebody like that into a power puncher. It's obviously very hard to retrain somebody who has done well with poor technique but it can be done. If you don't have idiots claiming 'oh you're born with it or not'. That's like claiming that people are born good dancers. It is a matter of coordination and efficient movement.
So what you saying is if you didnt have idiots claiming that "either you are born with or not" thats what is preventing modern technology, new scienticific discoveries from occurring. Jeez I am sure Bradley would love to hear what you have to say, and if he knew that if he corrected the things that you are pointing out will make him a big puncher. Contact Brown bomber, work on his technique, his coordination and make his movement more efficient then he will be able to knock people out, then call Top Rank, and tell them I am sure they will fall all over themselves to give Bradley's phone number. Hey, keep this secret, you can make millions. I wont say a word, I promise, I cant wait to see a big punching Bradley and neither will his millions of fan's. Who knew that correcting his coordination and efficient movement was all that he needed.
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