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Default Re: How I would advise Robert Guerrero to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Originally Posted by Slickstar View Post
Cotto has good timing and a great left hook. Strange how he couldn't counter it once and went solely on the defensive. Floyd's right foot didn't swing forward with his right hand in the first right he threw.

That kind of right can be useful against southpaws. If they slip to their right to avoid it, the orthy can put their forearm onto the lefty's neck and strain it. I also seen orthies head locking lefties using that right.
I think that was a round he won dominantly, so he was playing defense. He didn't capitalize since he was switching stances as he retreated, but he feasibly could have. Like I said, not the first time Floyd lunges into a shot out of position when pressuring.

Originally Posted by I1T2BOX View Post
The best way to beat the shoulder roll is to punch in sequence rather than in assorted combinations(L,R,L,R). Repeated punches(L,L,L ,R,L,R,R) and lateral movement will cause the defense to turn into the punch. Cotto had success with this and i hope Robert has more to his plan than swarming Floyd. May is not as fast as he used to be, and letting him lead will also serve to ghost's advantage.
Agreed, variation is important. It's why feints work so well; you time the roll wrong and it could be lights out, so Floyd prioritizes defense when feinted. And pressure is useful, but Guerrero's not going to win on the inside if he stays there.

Originally Posted by Boxing Fanatic View Post
this is a bad match up for floyd. guerrero is big, dirty and strong. floyd will do wonders on the ropes. but, this fight reminds me of the castillo fight. u have to apply smart pressure on floyd to beat him. guerrero is like castillo, throws a lot of punches. they like to bang and dont give a fug if they get hit. there was a reason floyd didnt fight margarito after all these years.
Guerrero doesn't have the craft that Castillo had on the inside. Floyd, unlike Berto, would make room to punch, and get off a lot better.
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