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Default Re: Nonito Donaire Vs. Chris John In Discussions

Originally Posted by elchivito View Post
Of all fighters John is the only one I want to see ko'd or beaten. That rat ******* lost to Marquez and almost got ko'd by Juarez. He's no dragon needs to change his nickname to The Gecko or The Salamander all this time and he's faced no one. NO ONE!!!

1. He beat JMM. Shut up and actually watch the fight. Even if you don't score it for John, please god tell me it was a decisive win for JMM to discredit yourself entirely. Oh wait, you already did that...

2. He should be 2-0 against Juarez as opposed to 1-0-1.

3. "NO ONE!!!" you say? Juan Manuel ****ing Marquez. Yordan in one of the biggest all Asian fights of the past several decades. Derrick Gainer, albeit a very old one. Rocky Juarez twice in the USA. Defended his title in Japan against Japanese opponents three times in his career. Roinet Caballero is a solid win as well.


As for Donaire vs. John, as much credit as anyone who should ever beat Chris John deserves, which I think would be a lot, I do think he is highly beatable and that Donaire would have an easier time with him than the Salido/Garcia winner (and, at the same time, a win over John is more significant than one over either Salido or Garcia).
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