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Default Re: Nonito Donaire Vs. Chris John In Discussions

Originally Posted by elchivito View Post
Besides Jmm you numbnuts. Gainer was a hot and cold fighter he was done by the time The Gecko faced him. Why do you defend that excuse for a champion he hasn't done ****, but look good against Marquez and rob him. Get your head out your ass John didn't beat Marquez and you know it. He'd only win the last 10 seconds of each round. He's good, but his claim to fame is getting a gift decision against Marquez. He hasn't done **** since! Yordan and almost getting stopped by Juarez? Hobo please.
And thank you for proving my point. You don't know ****...

It'd be different if he was on P4P lists or celebrated as an ATG or featherweight legend. He is not. He is underrated, actually, and very underrated by people like you who take the opinion that a popular fighter was robbed when 90% of those who say so never watched the fight, by those who assume that an undefeated fighter automatically sucks and is being protected, by those who expect every elite fighter to face a fellow elite fighter every time out, and by those like you who think a win should be discounted if you get stunned at any point in the process. Floyd Mayweather No Contest Shane Mosley because Mosley almost stopped him in round 2. Manny Pacquiao No Contest JMM because Pacquiao dropped him in round 5. Right? Right...
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