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Default Re: Best combination punchers out of these fighters?



Not set in stone by any means, but just a quick effort.All are excellent.

I've always preferred Jones single shot sharpshooting to his combinations, the more extended flashy ones of which were often pure flash and tended to come out when an opponent was badly hurt, rather than be efficiently deployed throughout a fight.

Leonard could be the same with the extended flurrying, but tended to employ a better variety of heavy properly thrown 2,3 and 4 punch combinations.

Ali's hook wasn't always the nicest, but his one-two was one of the best, most consistently deployed combo's any of them threw.

Taylor an awesome volume puncher, but not much power and probably the least able to get them off quickly without needing to linger in front of an opponent.If he had been a big puncher...

Norris pretty well rounded here, though he tended to cuff with the right hand when he threw it in more complex combinations than the 1-2.Telegraphed things more than the others.

Camacho was the least authoritative overall imo.He never quite put on a Taylor vs MCGirt or Chavez volume punching show against an aggressor who wasn't slow or marginally talented, nor was he a real powerpuncher with his combo's on the level of everyone else.Except Ali, who had a more effective "pet" combo in his 1-2 than anything Hector had.
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