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Default Re: Trainer dealing with boxer's difficult dad

Originally Posted by Uppercut 78 View Post
Hey Guys-
I am a trainer who has been working for the last 18 months with a pretty talented kid who has just turned 18. The kid had originally been taught to box by his boxer wannabe dad -- he allegedly had boxed in college and the Navy, but if he did he wasn't very good, because when I started teaching his son it took me nearly 5 months to get him to unlearn some of what the young man was doing wrong.
I am in my late 57 and I was a moderately successful amateur; made it to the GG semifinals as a novice, and to the finals when I was in the open class, never won a GG championship, but did very well in my years in "white collar" boxing. I don't pretend I was a great boxer but I am a good coach. I have spent enormous amounts of time with this young fighter, and in the last 7 months we have really accomplished a lot -- I am very proud at having improved his offense and defense, and I have really taught him how to cut off the ring better than some young pros I've seen. He is a pretty hard banger with both hands, particularly his right.
Here is the problem. I don't think he is ready for the upcoming Golden Gloves beginning Jan 13, and I have repeatedly told his dad this. The kid (I am reluctant to use his name in case the dad or any of his buds are members here) The young man has not had nearly enough sparring yet in my view. When he does spar he can get either gun-shy or overzealous; these are things we are working on. I also had to look high and low to find hima southpaw to spar, as our gym has almost no lefties. I spent 2 weeks phoning and emailing other boxing gyms to get the southpaw we finally came up with. I have worked my ass off with this kid, and I believe I am right about wanting him to wait, but his dad registered him already despite my cautions.
I was going to tell his dad that he could find another guy to work the corner, or do it himself. But then I realized that that is unfair to the kid -- even if he loses his first novice bout I feel that I really owe him my presence and my support, even though I think his dad is an asshole of the first degree.
Has anyone had similar problems to this? I think the kid has a future in boxing and had hoped to put him in the GGs for 2014, see how he progresses, and take it from there. I have dreams of him maybe at least trying out for the 2016 Olympic team. His dad already sees him turning pro. It is getting more and more frustrating. I am a third generation boxer, and my dad, who was pretty good, was of the mindset that a dad and a son don't always make the best team -- my dad worked my corner exactly once in the GGs and then only because my own trainer was down with a bad flu.
I don't want to abandon the boy, but my interaction with his dad has gone from bad to worse. He makes his son nervous even when he comes to the gym to see him spar -- imagine what it will be like with this mofo screaming at ringside during his son's first amateur competition. Anybody have any thoughts? Thanks.
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