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Default Re: Vlad Klitschko vs the following

Holyfield - Holyfield via decision or late round KO. Wlad isn't going to knock him out and has shown stamina problems even with Steward in his corner. Against the "best conditioned athlete" as Holyfields camp liked to call him he gets worn down and beaten.
Buster Douglas - Douglas that McCall and Tyson fought beat him, every other version probably loses a competitive decision.
Tyson - Tyson KO 1
*Foreman-Old version - Wlad via decision but has the scare of his life.

Razor Rudduck - Ruddock via T/KO
Witherspoon - Wlad. 'Spoon should make this into a good fight though but I don't think he has what it takes to win.
Holmes - Holmes UD
Bone-crusher Smith - Wlad KO
Pinklon Thomas - Wlad victory. Thomas has a very good jab and an iron chin but I don't see him winning this.
Coetzee - Wlad KO
Greg Page - Wlad KO
Dokes - Wlad win. Dokes gets out boxed.
Weaver - Wlad victory. Should get the KO here too.

Ali - Ali UD
Liston - Listons jab gives him trouble and he eventually finds Wlad's jaw enough times to get a KO victory
Norton - Wlad KO early
Lyle - Lyle packed serious power and had very good size. The Lyle that fought Foreman would get a KO win over Wladimir IMO. He even tried to walk down Foreman in their bout together and would go after the glass.
*Foreman-Young version - He bombs out the younger Klit early
Jimmy Young - Wladimir wins a decision. Young will have his moments but he's losing this. Should be a very interesting fight though, might be like the first Byrd-Wlad fight.

Wlad beats the rest but I think that Dempsey and Walcott have a chance to make it competitive, at least early. Actually I think Dempsey may get the win here, his aggressive, ferocious style coupled with his fast hands would have the Klit in serious trouble. Fast hands and pressure are the two things that Wlad has shown that he can't deal with.
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